Job Brief:

A data geek that can deal with huge set of data to bring a value for the business by implementing descriptive analysis, statistical analysis as well as predictive analysis using machine learning tools and technologies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop tools for exporting, importing data, transfer and loading data
  • Develop data models, algorithms and machine learning models to resolve business issues
  • Participate in developing and implementing development tools for action execution and integrating actions with required systems and platforms
  • Develop and implement descriptive analysis using Umniah existing datasets
  • Participate in tuning Umniah NLP engine
  • Work closely with Data Engineering team for data mining and data reporting
  • Generate and develop report using existing Umniah datasets that will bring more insights about operation, customer experience and other requested values
  • Utilize visualization tools for developing dashboard
  • Participate internally in developing Umniah Data governance and data policies
  • Develop programs using R Language or Python
  • Import and export data using latest development kits (ETL)
  • Manage data modeling projects internally and with vendors



Bachelor Degree in Data Science or any other related field.

Level of Experience:

Limited Experience in a related field

Tools & Systems:


  • Impala, Hive & Spark
  • Python or R programming languages
  • Jupiter notebook or other IDE for ML and Data Analytics



  • AWS, Microsoft & Google ML/Cognitive services

Technical Skills & Knowledge:


  • Good command of Impala, Hive & Spark
  • Excellent command of Python & R programing languages
  • SQL / NO SQL
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • UNIX commands
  • ETL technologies
  • Good command of statistics and probabilities
  • Deep knowledge of machine learning
  • Good command of data intuition
  • Excellent command of analytical skills


  • Hadoop/NoSQL and Kafka systems and Cloudera open source tools
  • Tenseflow, Keras, Torch, Microsoft Cognitive tools
  • Deep learning
  • MYSQL/Oracle SQL/MS SQL,
  • Neural Networks